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53 km høgfjellsrenn frå Brokke i Setesdal til Sinnes i Sirdal.

Registration - Sesilåmi

Skrevet av: Tor Viki, publisert 08.01.2016

Sesilåmi- the crosscountry competiton for the rough runners.

Sesilåmi runs from Brokke in Setesdal to Sinnes in Sirdal, 52 km of true vinter experience. The race was arranged for the first time in 1976, and has since then led many cross country over mountains.

Instruction for registartion.

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All participation in Sesilåmi is at one`s own risk. Sesilåmi takes no responsibility for loss or damage to your belongings and property.



Before the race.

Below you can find all the information you need about Sesilami. 

Transportation: Sesilåmi runs from Brokke in Setesdal( 2 hours from Kristiansand harbour and airport) and the finish is in Sinnes in Sirdal( abour 1 hour from Stavanger harbour and airport)

There are busses running from Stavanger, Kristiansand and Evje to Brokke and back.

From Kristiansand to Brokke:


Startnumber, groups and start time.

 Start time

08.00 Men over 70 and women over 60 years
08.30 Mass start